Mophie Battery Phone Cases

Student Brand Campaign


Happy hour. You're on your second margarita, and your phone battery is also at 2%.

Don't go on an impossible journey to find a power outlet. 



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At events like SXSW and Coachella there is a difficult rock climbing wall with an outlet at the top. Event-goers can climb the wall to reach the outlet, or simply purchase a Mophie. If you successfully climb the wall and reach the outlet, you receive a discount on a Mophie for your determination.

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Complete Your Quest App

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If you're on vacation, or simply in an unfamiliar part of town, The Mophie Complete Your Quest app locates WIFI hotspots, public bathrooms, seating, water fountains, parking, and ATMs in the area. Users can find what they need and read reviews posted by others. Mophie eleminates the need to find an outlet, so the app aims makes life's other small journeys a bit easier too. 


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