Uniqlo EveryWear

Student Work - Brand Innovation / Retail Innovation 


Rei Inamoto came to Brandcenter with a brief: reinvent retail.

Online sales are a major threat to retail, but what if there was a lesser-known, more insidious factor at play? Closets.

60% of closet items go unworn. And the clothes we do wear, they're inaccessible once we leave the house.

So we asked ourselves this: what if we lived in a world where we didn't need closets?

Introducing Uniqlo EveryWear.

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So what does EveryWear do?


To start, it allows users to keep a digital closet.

The digital closet feature compiles all Uniqlo purchases into an easy to scroll through app. It also suggests new clothing and combinations based on your purchase history.

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It lets you get clothes whenever you need them.

Whether you’ve spilled coffee on your shirt or need jeans for a night out, EveryWear gives you the ability to rent or buy clothes at a moment’s notice. All you have to do is find the nearest Uniqlo retail store or EveryWear vending machine. 



EveryWear vending machines have clothes in new, excellent, and good condition, with used clothes costing less to rent or buy. Simply return the item to the vending machine or store when done. 

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It lets you fly without a bag.

Using the EveryWear app, you can pick up and drop off clothes at the airport to avoid packing a bag. Just enter the airport and duration of the trip and type of occasion. EveryWear will suggest clothes based on that criteria and the forecasted weather.



These lockers will be located in airports and major travel hubs. Lockers open using the EveryWear app.



It lets you save closet space and avoid laundry.

An EveryWear subscription allows you to rent or buy clothes on a weekly or monthly basis, and can be delivered through Uniqlo’s courier service directly to your work or home. Less laundry, except for the unmentionables. 



The courier service can also pick up and drop off items to the vending machines in addition to delivering items to subscribers.

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Had an awesome time brainstorming with:

Creative Brand Manager - Colleen Hiegel

Strategist - Lauren Tresco

Experience Designer - Mason Brown

Copywriter - James Gross

Copywriter - Kaiylin DeMayo

Art Director - Jason Goldberg