Tinder Campfire

Brand Innovation


I know what you might be thinking as you read through. Something similar already exists for Tinder.

The facts are these.

In early April 2016, Dennis, Josh and I created Tinder Campfire for a student project and uploaded our work to Vimeo. Weeks after we uploaded our entry, it was flagged on Vimeo for trademark infringement and we were asked to take the video down. The next day...Tinder launched Tinder Social into beta testing for Australian users. 

Received from Vimeo April 25th:

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 7.24.25 PM.png

Tinder introduces Tinder Social April 26th:

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.28.07 PM.png

Funny how the world works :)


Whether in the streets of Barcelona, a beer garden in Berlin, or a small izakaya tucked away in Tokyo, would would happen if Tinder connected groups of travelers on their trips abroad?




Campfire allows group swiping to discover and meet up with potential friends, not just dates. 


View the nationalities and travel itineraries of other groups. If leaving the hostel tonight, you might be able to meet up with other travelers down the road. 


If it's a match, game on! Make plans to meet up for a drink or explore the city. 


Built in maps allow travelers set specific meet up points to get their Campfire started, which can be helpful if street signs are in other languages. 



Start a Campfire Logo Logo.png

Matched up and made this with Dennis Chen (copywriter) and Joshua Gherghel (art director).